Sunday, March 10, 2013

We Pause for this Birthday

I turned 63 yesterday! Jeepers!

Mrs Elliott took me out for dinner last night. She asked me where I wanted to go, and I picked Bōken, downtown. The food there is wonderful: densely-flavored and rewarding. If you are a fan of mild, "safe" foods, if two or three chilies are too "devilish" for you, then Bōken is not for you; but if you appreciate and seek "challenging" food, check the place out.

Just before the soup arrived, my beloved 22 year-old daughter called to wish me a happy birthday. We briefly discussed how school was going, and (here's the Big Deal for me), it was at that moment that I realized that I don't have to fret about her any more.

She's going to be okay: My girl child has things under control. I can relax, Dad can let go now. She is intelligent and autonomous, "launched," and has a Plan.

So while that thought was settling in, the soup arrived. Being totally about me, I knew that daughters are for a lifetime, but hot soup is ephemeral. So I had to say goodbye to my sweet daughter.

Me talking to the best daughter a man can have. Soup had not yet arrived.
The food was lovely, we came home, I built a fire, we basked. Mrs Elliott and I stayed up late last night.

Today, Sunday, has been a mellow day. We went to the Victorian cafe for breakfast, I had a couple Bloody Marys.

Mrs Elliott originally had plans to go to drive to Bachelor for skiing, but the truth is, she and I have only enough energy to putter about. (See "Mrs Elliott and I stayed up late last night.", above.)

Today, she's been banging about downstairs, building office furniture from Office Depot for her new office while I've been doing computer geek stuff on her company computers.

While I was staring at a warning screen from a third-party firewall application, my dear son, who runs on his own schedule, called to wish me a happy birthday-- it was a day late but that's how the boy rolls and I'm good with it. He invited me and the missus out for dinner tomorrow night. I'm pleased.

I requested Sweet Saigon. It ain't great Vietnamese food for aficionados (my former technician, Phan Dai, a Vietnamese guy, tasted their offerings at Pho Viet cafe out on 3rd and pronounced it to be "uninteresting"), but their VS1 sandwich is -- to me -- stunningly delicious.

So that's my choice. It's cheap and easy, and what my son can afford.


  1. Jeepers indeed! A very Happy Birthday to you, and many more to come. Congratulations on the success of your progeny. Nice photo, by the way - you look like a happy man.

  2. Passing seriously flammable gas is a challenge I have been advised to do without. Sigh.


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