Saturday, February 23, 2013

Food and Music in February in Bend

Mrs Elliott has two ladyfriends visiting from the Southland. Betty and Veronica -- not real names, a blonde and a brunette, both smart and beautiful -- are house guests this weekend. They are presently out shopping and I am preparing tonight's dinner:  Filipino Chicken Adobo, Garlic Cauliflower "Mashed Potatoes," and Roasted Hearts of Romaine Salad; the latter with white anchovies and EVO dressing. With a very fine viogner that was being tasted at Newport Market this afternoon.

I don't normally find viogner interesting but this, from 3 Horse Ranch, is nice.

Tonight, the oven will be @ 450 degrees F for the roastage of the Romaine so it will be too hot for plate warming, so I'm trying to MacGyver (hack, create) a plate warmer from a three-holer stainless steel buffet tray/warming tray that we own.

The idea is sound but the towels I'm using to keep the plates separate from the hot bottom of the tray smell like a high-school locker room while they are warming and drying and I don't know why. They are freshly-laundered, and have no business smelling like that. I'll see if they lose the odor as they dry and heat. In the meantime: Feh.

I'm going out on Monday night to hear the Central Oregon Symphony Orchestra play at the Bend High auditorium. I've written about this orchestra before. The members are all volunteers and they sound great. The has conductor done a fine job of bringing them all together, and the hall has excellent acoustics. It seats thousands of people (number not before me) and it's always filled for all three nights. BTW, I have been a lifelong lover of the classics and have heard several world-class orchestras in some of the finest concert halls so I know good when I hear it.

Ralph Vaughn Williams's viola concerto and other items are on the program.

I've sent out emails to everyone I know to find someone to share the tickets with me.

While I'm not a great RVW fan -- the Brits are boring -- I'm lucky to have the opportunity to hear some of the world's best classical music played well in a good-sounding space right here in tiny little Central Oregon.

I hope that someone I know knows someone who wants to fill the seat beside me.

And then on Wednesday: some real hip-hop. A buddy and I (he's another old white guy like me) will be staying up late to see Method Man at the Domino room.

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