Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Flagrant Self-Promotion?

Like many here in Bend, Jack was somewhat perplexed to read in last week's The Source Weekly --"The Love Issue" -- that former mayor Bob Woodward had won in the category of "Hottest Over 50."

Over 70, maybe, but over 50? I can think of several men I know who deserve the award more than Woody. Hell, even H. Bruce Miller in his dotage is a handsomer specimen.

But I figured that the Woodman is an old pol, and that ballot-box stuffing, money under the table, and calling in old favors are all normal for this former ward heeler and recent inductee into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. He also might have something on Erin Foote Marlowe.

So I decided I'd let it pass without comment.

But what I saw today changes everything. Look here:
Corner of Newport Ave and NW 3rd.
A closer look:

There was no one in line.

[UPDATE]: I see that the Source beat me to the punch.


  1. "Hell, even H. Bruce Miller in his dotage is a handsomer specimen."

    Thank you for the compliment. And although modesty forbids you from mentioning it yourself, Jack Elliott, the Best-Smelling Man in Bend(TM), also makes the cut.

  2. Aww, Bruce woulda won it this year for sure if only he hadn't wandered off to Arizona for the winter...


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