Monday, December 31, 2012

Two More Sports Bars Considered

Sidelines is my favorite sports bar for a couple reasons: they have plenty of screens, the staff is friendly, the crowd is always enthusiastic and colorful, and since it's downtown, it's close to home. But it's not to everyone's liking. Mrs Elliott, for example, likes a more comfortable atmosphere; and others don't care for the noisy scene there.

I have been scouting around the other sports bars, checking out their offerings. The Phoenix, on the east side near 27th and Greenwood, is not really a sports bar. When a few of us went there to watch a game last month, we were pretty much the only ones who were giving it any attention. It's a longer haul for me than I like so I don't see a good reason to go there again.

Now that we are leading up to the Fiesta Bowl (Go Ducks!) I checked out a couple more places. On Monday I visited Cheerleaders Grill & Pub on north business 97. It's a small place with only a couple old-school pre-digital 27'' color TVs hung up high. Didn't impress me.

Two friends have recommended Boston's on south business 97 as a perfectly cromulent sports bar so I met one of them there yesterday afternoon to watch the 49ers and the Seahawks games. There are five big screens right above the bar they had those two games plus the Vikings/Packers game and maybe one other, I forget.

It's a good place to watch games, for sure, at least from the bar, not so much from the booths (I like having the screen in front of me, not to the side). The bartender was friendly, the place is well-lit, the patrons were enjoying the games in a low-key way, somewhere between Sidelines-raucous and Phoenix-disinterested. 

As far as food goes, Boston's makes some perfectly fine chicken wings. Their bacon-wrapped steak chunks are good but the blue cheese dressing that accompanies them had no discernible blue cheese taste, so I griped and they brought some salad dressing that tasted more of chemicals than anything I'd put on a salad. However, their grilled mushrooms in Alfredo sauce was really good -- Michael and I both liked that one.

There was a clown at the bar, emboldened by drink who decided he was far cleverer and charming than he really was and tried to chum up and talk our ears off. He was quite a nuisance. Fortunately (for me) my friend Michael was seated between me and the fellow, so Michael had to take the brunt of the guy's endless chitchat, bon mots, and sports trivia challenge questions. But this isn't a fault of the venue -- such fellows can be found anywhere. 

In Jack's opinion, Boston's is a good place, one well-suited to the man who just wants to watch a game without much distraction, while folk who enjoy a more party atmosphere might like the joie de vivre at Sidelines.

So because today's the eighth anniversary of our wedding, I'll get to Sidelines early on Thursday to grab a nice seat on the cushy sofa so Mrs Elliott can watch the Fiesta Bowl in comfort.

 It's just the kind of guy I am.

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