Monday, December 31, 2012

That Whole Gun Thing

I'm sure that law-abiding and not insane Americans owning assault-type weapons would not be a threat to our society or our children.

(Though it's not clear to me why a non-insane person would feel the need to stockpile such weaponry. You don't need it for hunting. And no one needs a 30-round clip to protect their home, because even when the imminent zombie apocalypse happens, only a shotgun can stop them. Everyone knows that.)

It's the alienated and batshit-crazy who feel compelled to get their hands on enough deadly force to wipe out dozens and dozens of people.

Our culture is steeped in guns: guns as signs of masculinity, guns for control, guns as solutions. This is a big part of the dysfunction here.

So there's one rule I always apply: when picking a movie to watch, if the poster shows bristling guns, if the gun is the foreground object, I don't watch it.

Once you become aware of how prominent guns are in movie posters, you can't unnotice it.

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