Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cleopatra's Pushpin

Over on the corner of NW Portland Ave and NW 4th Street, quite close to the house of Mountain Bike Hall of Famer Bob Woodward, is a small concrete obelisk, resembling nothing quite so much as a miniature Cleopatra's Needle.

Here's one of the three so-called Cleopatra's Needle, this one in London:

And here's the one on Portland Avenue:
It's considerably younger than the 3,500 year-old Ancient Egyptian monuments, and lacks about 87 feet of height to fully compete with the real deals. It's also not covered with hieroglyphics and is made of ferroconcrete, not red granite.

But it's otherwise quite the spitting image.

I don't have any idea about its history or age. The concrete is eroded in places on the backside, exposing the rebar skeleton. 

The vintage "Officer's Quarters" apartments are across the street--maybe this little guy was tossed up at the same time. 

Anyone know anything about it? Are there any more like it in the neighborhood?


  1. Hitching post? Is there any sign that an iron ring might once have been attached to it?

  2. No, other than the marks left by erosion and wear and tear, there are no features that indicate that this thing is anything more than a simple concrete obelisk.


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