Friday, December 21, 2012

But I'm a Guy!

So Mrs Elliott is out and about Bend, doing all her last-minute shopping. I'm home, discussing how we're going to rewire the new office space downstairs with Joe Hawkins, the electrician, and Justin of BendTel, the office's phone service provider. I get a call from Mrs Elliott--she wants me to take a look at an oil painting of her parents that she commissioned from local artist Vicki Shuck.

She's at the framing store and needs me to look at the painting and tell her what color matte to get for it.

So I go into the kitchen and take a look at the picture and it sure has a whole lot of colors on it.

"Beige?" she asks.

The picture looks like it would look good with beige, so I say sure.

"Or how about tan," she says.

"Honey, I'm a guy! Beige and tan are the same color!"


"How about taupe?"

"Taupe," she says. "Okay."

"Wait--I was joking. I don't know the difference between taupe, beige and tan!"

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