Friday, December 28, 2012

BendTel: GFCS (an endorsement)

Mrs Elliott's business is essentially that of a call center. Calls from across the country come to her office, and she represents dozens and dozens of 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organizations. Her phone needs are fairly complex, and if she misses a call from a donor, the charity will know about it and, even more importantly, a missed call from a donor may mean that the charity doesn't receive a donation.

The phone system is an arrangement comprised of several office-style desktop phones scattered around the home office, a bunch of fancy PBX equipment nailed to a board in the garage, and a whole bunch of wires stapled to the outside of the house which connect the phones to the garage equipment.

Mrs Elliott's business owns all the hardware on our property, but BendTel, here in Bend, is the service provider; they sold us the equipment and provide all that magic that brings dozens and dozens of 1-800 numbers to the phones in the house.

And I'm here to tell you that their service is exemplary. Here are two examples, both from within the past two weeks:

1. The office is moving to another space downstairs. This because I closed my business earlier this year, and the space I was formerly taking up is now available. Moving Mrs Elliott's staff and furniture into the vacated space will free up two rooms downstairs which we can reclaim for "home space" -- mainly, a man cave where I can put up pictures of dogs playing poker and invite my friends over for alcohol, cigars, and high jinks. But my point is that BendTel sent out a crew to bring the wires to the new office phone jacks (stringing even more wires around the house*), tested their work, and showed me how to bridge the new jacks to the old on the PBX board when the phones are actually moved.

2. This afternoon, one of Mrs Elliott's client charities called to say that she could not send a fax to us. We dialed the fax number and it went to voice mail. That's no good. I called Justin at BendTel and within 1/2 hour, their wizard guy (the Brad) determined that (a), for some reason, the fax line was set up to go to voice mail if unanswered, and (2), we may have turned off the "auto-answer" function on the fax machine. Um, it is with some embarrassment that I must confess that the "auto-answer" lamp was indeed dark on the machine, and it took one (1) touch of a button to turn it back on.**

But my point is that BendTel does good work. They provide GFCS -- Great F*#king Customer Service.

Jack recommends them.

* This house is wrapped with so many cables that if someone were to set off a bomb inside it, the house would merely expand for a moment.

** We have posted a note on the machine directing us to make sure that the "auto answer" light is on.

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