Sunday, November 4, 2012

It Was a Quiet Day Today

After getting together at Sidelines sports bar yesterday in downtown Bend with some friends - New Guy Michael Mineni, H. Bruce and Sharon Miller, and the lovely Mrs Elliott - to watch Oregon play SoCal (neither team brought their defense to the game, we won), I decided that I would like a quiet day at home today.

But first some shopping.

We went to Whole Foods for basic needs, and I bought the ingredients for tonight's meal: Manhattan-style clam soup, done Paleo; I dropped by the new Growler Guys* shop at the Shell gas station on 27th and Greenwood for some apricot cider; went to Cash and Carry on Third for ScotchBrite pads (the season for holiday cooking and, thus, pot scrubbing fast approacheth); and to the O'Reilly auto parts store for five quarts of Mobil 1 0W-40 engine oil for Mellow Yellow's winter driving. (Mellow Yellow, for those who aren't following my blog very closely, is our 1984 VW poptop camper van.)

Back at home I had some lawn winterizing to do: rake the leaves, mow the lawn short and trim its edges, apply winterizing fertilizer, then water.

That all having been taken care of, I am watching the afternoon drift toward evening, pint glass of cider in hand, soup in the slow cooker. Mrs Elliott is playing Spider Solitaire on her computer.

It was a beautiful day.

'Bout time to call the irrigation dude to blow out the sprinklers. Gotta get the gutters cleaned, too.

* I'm not much of a beer drinker, and don't find Bend's current boom in breweries to be personally important. That said, the east side is sorely in need of some classing up and giving eastsiders something besides Bud Light, PBR, or meth is a step in the right direction. I urge my reader to give this shop their patronage - Ed.


  1. You're just envious because us Eastsiders have higher quality meth.

  2. In private emails, Bob Woodrow, former Bend mayor, man about town, ski coach and recent inductee into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, KPOV host & contributor to The Source Weekly, upbraided me for my ignorant characterization of Bend's Eastside as a sprawling wasteland of ticky-tacky houses inhabited by toothless meth addicts.

    In private emails, he graciously took the time to describe the many fine attributes of the Eastside including (and here I am quoting without first receiving permission):

    1. The Juniper Swim and Fitness Center- an absolute jewel of a facility. He's there six days a week.

    2. Pilot Butte-the most used recreational facility in Bend with close to 5,000 people walking the Butte daily.*

    3. And for those who know where to look, there are some of the biggest estates in Bend. Owned by longtime local doctors, some are six or more acres with horse barns etc. And we’re talking well before you get to St, Chucks and environs.

    4. The "hood" you live in, noted for its '60s opulence.

    5. Horse Butte-excellent hiking and MTB riding

    6. Christian and Regula Heeb’s house- S’west architecture (a la Santa Fe) and totally energy efficient.

    7. The original Pilot Butte Drive-In: best burgers in the State.

    8. Local cop shop.

    9. Bear Creek School-speaks to the past and slower times.

    And, in his closing argument, he points out that you and your lovely wife live there.

    What's not to like?

    * Jack has a hard time believing that 5,000 people walk Pilot Butte daily. Where would they park their cars?


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