Thursday, November 29, 2012

Damn Fine Beef Stew

It was exactly one year ago that Jack decided to compare two versions of Beef Bourguignon. I took it upon my self to cook both recipes. It was a cage fight: Tony Bourdain v. Julia Child. No one said it would be easy, but I didn't cry, and for someone who likes like cook, it was fun.

The results are here.

So anyway, yesterday around lunch time, I decided to just toss some stuff into our Crock Pot-brand crock pot and see how it came out.

So I did that: I tossed some stuff into the crock pot and then went over to O'Kane's at McMenamin's to lose Yet Another Goddamn Game Of Chess against chess hustler and Bend Treasure H. Bruce Miller.*

And it was after dark when I returned home, and when I I walked in in, the house was redolent with the most amazingly rich aroma of beef stew.

This isn't a bourguignon because it doesn't use any wine, Burgandignian or otherwise, and it's so simple that Jack should feel ashamed to make it. But my-oh-my is it amazingly good.

Uncle Jack's Damn Fine Beef StewServes 2 
Set the crock pot to "high" and drizzle in about 1 Tbs of olive oil. Let it heat for about 30 minutes.
While it is heating, cube up about 3/4lb of cubed beef. I used grass-fed ribeye steak from Trader Joes.
Sprinkle a little salt on the beef.
After the pot is hot, pitch in the beef.
Chop up a shallot, and toss said chopped shallot atop the beef.
Let the meat and shallot heat up, stir occasionally for about an hour until there isn't much pink showing on the beef and the shallot is soft and translucent.
Dash in a handful or two of chopped mushrooms.
Empty a can of El Pato Tomato Sauce with Jalapeño (the red can - Safeway has it, Albertson's, too, I think) into the pot.
Add 1/2 tsp. of Red Boat Fish sauce (best stuff evah!).
Set cooker on "low" and wander off for a couple hours (See: "Went to O'Kane's at McMenamin's to lose Yet Another Goddamn Game Of Chess against chess hustler and Bend Treasure H. Bruce Miller," above).
That's it.

* But I did manage to mooch another $2 cigar off him.


  1. Question: Instead of browning the beef and shallot in oil in the crock pot, would it be okay to brown them in a pan first and then toss into the pot with the other stuff?

    1. Sure, but if you want full-flavor then after you remove the meat and shallot, pour in a little wine and scrape up the fond.

  2. "But I did manage to mooch another $2 cigar off him."

    Harrrumph! I'll have you know that was a $2.50 cigar!


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