Sunday, September 23, 2012

What Are These Blue Skies???

After far too many days breathing air that smelt like the inside of a chimney, under skies looking like coastal SoCal-grade white-outs, today we saw brilliant blue skies with charming puffy white clouds. Rain early this morning washed the air, washed the streets, and washed our house clean.

It is understandable that my readers in Sisters who live downwind of the Pole Creek fire,  may find my whining about the impact of the current fires here in Bend laughable, and they are right: y'all are dealing with hellish conditions.

But even here it's uncomfortable.

Watching the Ducks shutter Arizona last night at Sidelines, H. Bruce Miller and his lovely wife Sharon said that this has been the worst air quality they've seen since they moved here in 1965.

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