Thursday, September 20, 2012

Out of the Gym Laundry Basket

I read that tomorrow is expected to be "much cooler" than today.

Couldn't have happened soon enough for me.

I know, I know, there are plenty out there that conflate "warm" and "nice," and I'm real sorry for y'all. But for the past week I've felt like I have been stuck under a pile of dirty laundry in a stifling closet. Close, stuffy, stale and airless.

The gym sock of weather.

Reminds me of when Mrs Elliott and I went to Hawaii a couple years ago. The "balmy" air felt tired and stale to me. Maybe that's why most of the Euro-Americans I saw there also looked tired and stale. Sticky, too.

The smoke hasn't helped, of course. The Pole Creek fire is said to be 40% contained as of today. A bit of rain would help. A lot of rain would help a lot. Wash off some of the ash that's fallen hereabouts, clean the skies, give me back some crispness and energy.


  1. Wind is out of the northwest today and the smoke in Bend is getting worse. This really sucks.

  2. The air in Hawaii caresses you. Bend's air is dry and harsh -- brutal on the sinuses, on the skin and on the hair (or so those who have hair tell me).


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