Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Doin' the Garden Gnome

My friend and fellow blogger H. Bruce Miller, a "Bend Treasure" and Bend's pro tem Goodwill Ambassador, has pointed out to me that some of our local older gentlemen have adopted a look which he describes as "garden gnome":

A rotund figure and full white beard is pretty much all that is needed.

It's a good observation. And now I see it everywhere. 

I reckon that it's time to take some pictures of the better examples and create a gallery of Bend's Better Garden Gnomes, along the lines of Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers.

Better hope you don't find yourself in it. 


  1. Haven't seen H. for a while, but I know he sure had the "rotund" part of the equation down.

  2. He ain't particularly roundish these days.

  3. Jack, this post reminds me of my life back in Florida .. and a neighbor who was retired, who loved puttering around in his yard ~ and mine. He wasn't roundish .. but short, bald, tan, thin. I called him my "Lawn Elf." His real name is Dick. My grandson was a huge 'The Lord of the Rings' fan and every time I referred to Dick as Lawn Elf, Charlie who was only six or seven thought Gandalf and so he called Dick "Lawndelf." We still laugh about it.

  4. Occurs to me that one likely place to spot men doin' the Gnome will be at the Little Woody http://www.thelittlewoody.com/

    I don't normally attend because (a) beer makes me fat and, (2) wood-aged beer, like wood-aged spirits, simply doesn't taste good to me. But I might go just for the photo op.

  5. Jack: May I contribute photos to the collection, or is this a project you'd rather handle solo?

    Anonymous: I never had a belly big enough to really qualify as a Garden Gnome, but I was close a time or two.

  6. Jack: May I contribute photos, or would you rather handle this project solo?

    Anonymous: My belly never got quite big enough for true Garden Gnome stature, but it came close once or twice.

  7. Bruce: I'll take contributions from anyone, but they must be of locals or shot locally.


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