Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Makes Owning a Camera Worthwhile!

One of my favorite people in Bend is local artist, Katherine Taylor. She's a painter in oils, and a heck of a good one, too. Her art hangs in the Lahaina Gallery in the Old Mill.

When I'm camping I keep her in mind whenever I see a great sky. Central Oregon has wonderful skies, wonderful cloud formations, great lighting; and if I see something striking, I take a picture of it and send it to her, thinking that she might perhaps find some inspiration for her work in what I see.

This morning I got a nice surprise in an email from Katherine in which she wrote,
"I did this painting recently and I got the image idea from a bunch of photos you so graciously shared with me early last year when you returned from camping. [...] It's a beautiful sunset - you really captured something spectacular here."
Katherine Taylor
Cascade Lake Sky 
(Used with permission)
Wow. Just wow.

She writes, "And look at this other spectacular sunset photo you took in this batch; beautiful! Might be the subject of my next painting (I'm really digging the sunset scenes right now) [...]"

Wickiup Reservoir (Jack Elliott, 2011)

Her painting of the sunset is too wet to hang at Lahaina Gallery right now though it should be there in a couple of weeks.

But here's something new by her that will be up in time for First Friday:

Katherine Taylor
Wrapped in Green
(Used with permission)
It's really quite an honor to contribute to someone of Taylor's caliber. More of her art can be seen here.

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  1. I just checked out some of her paintings. My gosh it is gorgeous. What a talent!


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