Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Photogs: Your Chance to Immortalize Your Name

Some photos will be with us forever: Widener's shot of Tank Man in Tienanmen Square, Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt at Yalta; that Vietnamese girl on fire, Eisenstadt's snap of the the sailor smooching the (rather unwilling-looking) nurse in Times Square on V-J day; these and many more photographs capture the momentous; they are iconic and will be with humankind forever.

Would you like an opportunity to see your photo join that rarefied pantheon? Do you own a working camera? and know how to use it?

Here's your chance:

At the upcoming Freedom Ride here in Bend, on the 4th of July at or around 2:30pm-ish, starting at Pioneer Park, Jack will sally forth in his brand-new red, white, and blue Spandex body suit with matching Afro wig and facepaint and bravely ride forth on his bicycle with a bunch of other loony and cheerful Bendites.

Catch a picture of Jack and email it to me, and I will publish it.

You may win a spot alongside the giants of documentary photographers.

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