Monday, April 2, 2012

Oh Yeah, the Lawn needs Mowing

The small lawn on the North Terrace (read: front yard) is still biding its time, but the grassworks on the south side of our palatial residence (read: house) are showing incipient indications of  growth. Need to get some organic lawn fertilizer (slower, more robust growth) and break out the push mower. 

Meanwhile, as I type this, the sun is shining through the window in the kitchen, brightly and hotly on my right side. Feels springy. 

IN OTHER NEWS, we had our brilliant carpenter, Mike Accardo, put in a fine-looking door at the bottom of the stairwell. 

The lowest floor of our house is used by Mrs Elliott's and my two home businesses, the upper for our private living space. This will make heating the place more effective. The bottom level is heated by a wood stove, the upper by a gas furnace which we put in in 2009. 

But the open stairway sucks hot air up from the lower floor and sluices cool air back down. So the staff has to feed wood into the stove all day long. On the average, they go through close to four cords of wood every winter to keep that downstairs warm. 

So I think that closing off the stairway with the new door means that the folk downstairs will use less wood to keep the office warm.

Though the upper floor will not receive the benefit of the heat from the lower level, I like the tradeoff: wood is messy and has nasty and polluting combustion byproducts. Sure, t's rustic and charming -- I'd have a wood stove in our bedroom in a heartbeat if the room were large enough, but in an office environment having to keep hauling wood into the place to stuff the stove is a pain. 

We'll burn less wood for downstairs and use more natural gas upstairs. Gas is cleaner and it doesn't need to be hauled stick-by-stick. I bet our neighbors downwind will appreciate less wood smoke. 

Besides, the office staff downstairs are a bunch of wussies: if it gets below 74F they start whining. 66F is fine by me for the upstairs. 

I have advanced technology: sweaters.

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  1. "Besides, the office staff downstairs are a bunch of wussies: if it gets below 74F they start whining."

    C'mon, Ebenezer, let Bob Cratchit put another coal on the fire.


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