Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We're Number Six!

On Mother Jones, Kevin Drum quotes Ed Kilgore's article about an unusual poll conducted by Public Policy Polling which ranks the favorable/unfavorable ratios of the 50 American states.

Here's how the 50 states stack up in terms of overall favorability:

As can be seen, Oregon is Number Six in terms of favorability. That's pretty cool. 

California is pretty far down, 11th from the bottom. 

It turns out that whether you like or dislike a state may be due to partisan feelings.
Democrats’ favorite states include Hawaii, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington, Vermont, Colorado, and New York, and their least favorites are led by Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi. Republicans love Alaska and Texas, and absolutely hate California, followed distantly by Illinois and Massachusetts.  So the greatest partisan gap is for California, which Democrats like 91 points more than Republicans do, followed by Texas, which is favored more by Republicans by 82 points.
Which goes a long why toward explaining why I find Texas so distasteful.

1 comment:

  1. Tennessee is #2??? Obviously there's something fucked up about this poll.


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