Monday, February 6, 2012

There Will Be Payback for Sunny Skies, says Local Pundit

The Bulletin says that,
Central Oregonians can expect [...the...] unusually sunny skies and cool climate seen this winter will stick around for at least another week. “We don't see any mention of precipitation until Friday night,” Adams said. “Even then, it is only a slight chance of rain or snow showers. Then by the weekend it should be clear again.
Bend's Goodwill Ambassador pro tem and "Bend Treasure," H. Bruce Miller  responded darkly: "We'll pay for this."


  1. Bulletin forecast was full of shit, as usual. Yes indeed, we WILL pay -- and I think we've already started paying.

  2. I've received a few emails about this from local Punxatawny Phils who, like HBM, have been here for more than a couple decades. The consensus is that this mild weather is a harbinger of "[...] a crappy spring followed by a cool summer..." as one local put it, adding that he's "[...] lived here longer than the 'Treasure' so [he knows] already."

    Maybe so. But traditional weather patterns are breaking down all over the place, and I suspect that past performance is no longer indicative of future outcomes.

  3. Hi Jack, yes, I think the feeling that anything good that happens or good feelings must be 'paid for' has its roots in belief in the god of Israel. He really is a spiteful old curmudgeon that I gave up on years ago but his presence lingers on in my own 'Christian work ethic' and built in expectation of 'payback' for fun, joy or good fortune! Sad really.
    Nice to meet you and trawl through your posts. I sense a kindred soul.

  4. My belief that we will "pay" for the pleasant weather of fall and early winter is based not on any Biblical or theological doctrine, but on 26 years of bitter experience. We always get our share of winter in Bend. Sometimes we get it early, sometimes we get it late, but we always get it.


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