Sunday, February 19, 2012


IN no particular order:

Good whisky or wine, a fine broadcloth shirt, a bespoke jacket, a shave by an Italian barber, Miles Davis on the (vacuum tube) stereo, hand-roasted coffee, eggs from backyard chickens, Merino wool on the skin and lanolin-heavy sheep's wool on the outside when the weather is inclement, Cuban cigars in the $39 Tupperware humidor (gotta keep one's priorities!), the occasional massage, Linux on the netbook, sticky weed, good friends and a loving wife...the list of the things a man should endeavor to get into his life does go on and on, don't it?

Gentlemen: Pamper yourselves. Life is short.


  1. You omitted the Maserati or Lamborghini in the garage. Or maybe a Maserati AND a Lamborghini.

    Oh yeah, and a Bentley for more formal occasions.

  2. .. and what would loving wife include on her list?

  3. It's a shame that sadly lacking from your list is any enrichment of the soul by charity to others.
    your brother, Matt

  4. Sigh. Some people are SO serious ALL the time. And anyway, Jack didn't say this was a COMPLETE list.


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