Thursday, January 19, 2012


Patrick O'Hearn's "Beyond This Moment" is on the stereo.

The light outside my kitchen is fading into evening indigo. This, after a gorgeous afternoon of sun and rainbowage (yeah, Mrs Elliott and I saw it).

I guess it doesn't take much to perk me up. Gimmie four hours of cheerful sunlight after two, three days of gray and slush and I feel like I've been repaid, with interest.


  1. You're easily pleased. With the weather, anyway, though not with razor blades.

    Rain will be back tomorrow. Gonna rain clear through next week. Seriously darkling.

  2. You're definitely Bend material, Jack. You remember nine minutes of sunshine and rainbows and ignore nine months of cold and drizzle. It's an enviable ability in many ways, but one that I have never possessed.

  3. "It's an enviable ability in many ways [...]"

    Hey, I ain't complaining.


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