Friday, January 27, 2012

Call for Suggestion: Cabin

My birthday is coming up in March -- another year older! Not necessarily wiser.

I would like to find a nice cabin near Bend or Sisters or Sunriver or Maupin to rent for a couple nights, and I'm looking for suggestions.

Not resorty, I don't want a place that feels hoity-toity, don't want a spa or a restaurant, don't even want housekeepers. No one knocking on the door to change the towels, just a  basic kitchen and a pile of firewood.

It could be part of a lodge, it could be just one of a string of fishing cabins; I do want a place with staff, it being March and no telling what the weather might do.

Clean, snuggy, no highway noise; a pretty location, and a sense of privacy, a place where a fellow can be alone with his thoughts.

If you know a place that sounds like this, click on the "comment" button (below). I won't publish your post unless you ask me to. Otherwise, it's a private message. Thank you.

1 comment:

  1. Or Lake Creek Lodge/Cabins with a nice dinner at Black Butte Ranch (very good food) at either LCL or Suttle.


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