Friday, November 18, 2011

Yet Another Household Improvement Project: Kitchen Hardware edition

Meanwhile, in the ranch house kitchen, Mrs Elliott announced that it was high time I got around to replacing the stainless steel hardware on the kitchen cabinets and drawers with the desired rubbed bronze birdcage type. Such as this:
I had to go online to find pulls, knobs, and hinges that fit the existing cabinets. The local stores don't carry the sizes we need. This because the previous owner fabricated his own drawer pulls and didn't use standard hole spacing, and since I'm not interested in modifying all 15 drawers with new holes (which would necessitate repainting all of them).

After searching through a number of surprisingly disorganized online stores, I found suitable pulls--I think.

One site has the desired design in 160mm spacing, which is very close to the right size and it will work. But that mfgr doesn't make one for the oddball 4-3/4'' pull that I need for one skinny drawer, but another mfgr's line has one 120mm, which is very close, and it may match well enough with the other pulls to blend.

These are not common sizes, common sizes have the holes either far wider or far narrower than what we need here, so fingers crossed the parts will fit and look good.

Hinges are also a mystery, there being dozens of hinge types and me not interested in re-engineering the cabinet doors, but Mike and I have determined that what we got here are probably "3/8" Inset Self-Closing Face Mount Hinges" most likely made by Amerock.

For the cabinet knobs, we will use these:
It all should look nice. Here's our inspiration:

Of course, that kitchen is much larger than ours. 


  1. I'm really enjoying all this 're-no' stuff!

  2. Helen, it's totally "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House" over here.


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