Sunday, November 6, 2011

To Fairfield and Back, a Pictorial Extravaganza!

Rather than write a few thousand words, I'll post a few pictures, in no particular order. Most are of Mrs Elliott.

Jack's Halloween costume. Fairfield, Calif. 

Mrs Elliott and granddaughter, working on a jigsaw puzzle. Fairfield, Calif.  

This would be Mrs Elliott and an old school friend, Gary. He and his lovely wife Guia own the Lost Whale Inn, a sweet B&B. Trinidad, Calif., 

I saw how the light caught her face and had to take this shot. Some coffee shop, don't remember where. 
View from our window at Ireland's Rustic Cabins, Gold's Beach, Ore.,

Mrs Elliott, Gold's Beach, Ore.

Mrs Elliott, Gold's Beach, Ore.
The grandkids on Halloween day. Jessie and Buzz Lightyear from "Toy Story," and a princess. Fairfield, Calif.  

Late afternoon at Gold's Beach, looking northward. 

Gold's Beach, view to the south. 

Jack and Mrs Elliott, Lost Whale Inn, Trinidad, Calif. 

Mrs Elliott, Gold's Beach, Ore.


  1. Some very lovely photos there, Jack. You have a painter's eye.

  2. Seriously, you posted some of these pictures of me? Yikes, couldn't you have at least photoshoped them before posting? You are in so much trouble Mr. Elliott!


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