Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Household Project: Covering the Deck

My Project: Yesterday morning, Mike Accardo of Quality Interior Works (seriously competent carpenter and nice guy), came in the morning to build a drip cover over the house's lower southeast deck to keep it dry in winter.

Casa Elliott has four decks: two upstairs and two downstairs. Rain and snowmelt drips down from the upper decks to to the lower decks, making them unsuitable places to store bicycles (six of which are presently clogging our garage) or other items which can be damaged by water during winter. An expensive metal toolbox with drawers, filled with the specialized tools used for bicycle maintenance, got totally soaked and trashed by snowmelt last year, despite my best efforts to keep it covered under a tarp; and the composite wood top on my nice workbench is now warped beyond recovery.


I need a covered spot that will stay dry through winter and spring and asked Mike to help come up with a way to protect the lower deck area. Since the wood for the decks is quite nice, we need a waterproof roof above the lower deck which does not look hideous.

Mike suggested transparent corrugated plastic and I thought it was a good idea. After some discussion, we came up with a way to mount the panels above the deck, framed in with 2x2 wood stock, which he ripped from 2x4's for better appearance, stained to match the decks. The result is quite unobtrusive and looks good. 

Now I can move the bikes down to the deck.

My plan is to mount a big ol' 2x6 board on the side of the house with a half-dozen J-hooks on it to hang the bikes from.

Nice to have that finally sorted out.  

Mrs Elliott was out yesterday evening, giving Jack the opportunity to catch up on a back episode of Dexter, something she does not care to watch. I had a nice Napa Cabernet and a grilled ribeye steak w/ A1 sauce (it came out dry on the outside before the inside was cooked, I have to work on my grill-pan-fu) and a decent Gorgonzola. 

Reckon I just need to order the full set of hardware and see if it mounts up.

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