Thursday, October 20, 2011

Training to Seattle: Jack gets Man Pants

For our last full day in Seattle, Mrs Elliott proposed that we get massages in evening, her treat, an idea I heartily embraced (Jack knows a thing or two about sponging). The Inn at the Marketplace's in-room massage service was pretty spendy so we left to the streets in search of the city's equivalent of the Source Weekly and found two promising rags, both free.

Over breakfast we perused the classifieds. Although both publications sported two full pages of four-color ads promoting attractive ladies in revealing attire who were said to be qualified to provide a a number of pleasant experiences, Mrs Elliott, for some reason, refused to consider giving any of these nice-looking ladies (or gents, the ads target a number of predilections and orientations) a call, and instead focused on other, less-interesting ads placed by massage therapists who didn't even post their pictures, in revealing attire or otherwise!

She told me to settle down. 

And she says I'm not fun. 

We called the numbers of the half dozen or so massage therapists who looked promising but no one called back. 

So we did the Google thing and found a spa on 4th street, just three blocks from the hotel, and booked an appointment for two 60-minute massages, later that day. 

This accomplished, we continued to wander about the downtown. Some pictures:
Mrs Elliott, ominously backlit
Rat Man

Rat Dogs
Couple a nitwits.
Yesterday's tomorrow, today!
That expression on Mrs Elliott's face? That's her dopey "Me like roadside attractions" face. Click here to see it again. 
We rode the monorail from downtown to the Space Needle. In the future, it seems, monorails go very very slowly. As do the elevators that bring one up to the observation deck. It was a pretty impressive view of the city, at any rate, even though we had a hazy day. On the way back, the driver let Mrs Elliott honk the train's horn. Beep beep!

This post is long enough already. I must defer Jack Gets Man Pants for the next episode.

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