Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Camping on the Shore of Wickiup Reservoir, Pt. 8

The day of reckoning. So okay, there was good news and there was bad news.

I got up at 6:30, temp in van 41 degrees, calm -- no wind, mostly clear skies. Checked the NWS online forecast and saw that today will (might) be windy, like 15 to 18 mph all day. At least in La Pine, which is the closest location they got to where I am.

If I was going to go fishing upriver, I needed to jump on it, to skip breakfast until I got back.

Rigged my pole with a hookless bug-like fly, installed the Mk. II version of my makeshift killig (big rock tied to a line off the stern of the kayak, with means to lift and lower it inside cockpit), put my iPhone into a dry bag, donned my rugged outdoorsy kayakin' attire, and paddled upriver.

The new anchor did not drag in the water like yesterday's Mk I version, so I made good time.

Dropped anchor in a likely spot near the outfall of the springs above the Sheep Bridge cable crossing where there were plenty of kokanee salmon at the bottom and striking at bugs on the surface. Stowed the paddle, unfurled the pole, and proceeded to try the bug. Nothing. Then a wet fly. Nothing. Then a couple of dry flies. Nothing. Yet the darn salmon were noshing on low-flying bugs. A couple of the bugs landed on me, so I saw they were little black critters, but I had no fly that matched.

Had to pee, lifted anchor, beached boat, relieved myself, kayaked further upstream and let myself drift while tossing the bait hither an yon, but no takers.

Maybe the wrong fly, maybe the float, maybe both of those + my amateur angling. I must learn more about how to use a spinning rig with flies.

I'm tellin' ya, the stupid fish were striking bugs just feet within my kayak.

Returned, changed out of wet clothes, had a cup of tea. Breakfast was eggs, fried sweet potato with onion, cheese and Spam.

Hey -- they can't all be classy meals!

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