Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Camping on the Shore of Wickiup Reservoir, Pt. 2

Some people are satisfied to eat canned goods when camping. I am not of that species. On my first morning my breakfast was farm-fresh eggs cooked sunny side up in pasture butter, bacon, and diced sweet potatoes and onion sauteed in olive oil, seasoned with rosemary and pepper.

First morning, view toward reservoir with camper van
under the trees. Click on image for larger view.
It was a cool, misty morning. I wandered about the area, becoming familiar with the lay of the land.

By midday it was 82 degrees, with a gentle breeze rustling the trees and I again stripped down to the buff. Why wear clothes when it's as nice as this and no one is around?

Besides, the National Weather Service radio was telling me that tomorrow would be cooler.

My modest lunch consisted of of Genoa salami schmeared with Brie de Nangis cheese.

Birds, birds, and birds. Water birds everywhere. Bald eagles, pelicans, huge blue egrets, some Double-crested cormorants, and a little sea birds which hangs out with the gulls which I could not identify. Mostly white, a couple or three black rings around the neck, and pointed wings.

View of camp from offshore.
After lunch I took the kayak out and explored the narrow branch of the reservoir I was camped on. I saw no other people, upstream or downstream, my side of the other side.

I'm a poor swimmer and do not trust that bodies of water have my best interests in mind, so I'm always a bit anxious when out on the water, but I love the gentle nature of kayaking, the peaceful solitude I find when out poking around the shoreline or out in the middle of a lake. Rivers, well, I'm a Class 1 kind of guy. Give me a nice smooth stream.

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