Thursday, October 6, 2011

And Finally, This Season's Last Camping Trip

Before moving onto my next post, Uncle Jack's Campin' Ribs, I'd like to post a few pics from last weekend's Goodbye to 2011's Camping Camping Trip.

There's this spot south of Pine Mountain out near Millican that I like to camp at early in the season, like May or June. I wanted to see the place at the end of the season, and soak up the scenery.

I arrived on Thursday morning to find that my usual spot had already been snagged by someone who left a humongous fifth wheel trailer there to hold down the spot for the weekend. Big game hunting season (deer, elk) was opening on Saturday, so the population density was going to go up. Same for the flying projectile density, so I made sure to bring my undeer-like bright red and orange colors.

I backtracked to a spot I normally drive by. It was unoccupied and I set up. Some pictures:
First, here's what the place looked like in June. As always, clicking on the picture
will provide a larger version.

And in September. Much drier.
Sunny, crisp weather. Perfect for wandering about in shorts, no shirt. 

Typical skies.

Hunters beware! Old hippie warning! I often hang these colorful
flags where I camp, to add cheer and mark the spot.

The previous occupants left a lot of firewood behind. With the lengthening nights,
a fire provides a nice reason to stay out after dark. Although the fire restrictions had been
lifted a few days earlier, the area was a tinderbox, and the ground covered with dry
pine needles and flammable debris. I kept the requisite bucket, ax, and shovel on hand
as well as a 6-gallon container of water.

Quite independent from me, Jim had been planning a trip to the same area with
his buddies to play poker. Prior to setting up camp at a nearby site, they pay a visit
(having seen my flags) to say howdy.
Jim and friends Cameron and Joe. 

The weather in Central Oregon is changeable, to say the least, and Jim usually has the misfortune to miss the sunny days and bring with him overcast, colder days. This trip was no exception. I like the fickleness of the weather: it keeps me on my toes and I've gotten real good at changing the camp to suit the weather. Awnings, heaters, sunny areas, sheltered areas; attire ranging from warm fleece and windbreaker to birthday suit.

Next up: Uncle Jack's Campin' Ribs recipe.

Here's Uncle Jack:
Would you cook anything this
man recommends?

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