Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jack Packs Pack

Lancelot Lake at Sunset
Can a 61 year-old man who recently gained and lost 55 lbs, had ankle surgery two years ago, and has not backpacked since 2003 or even done a whole lot of walking lately, backpack into the Three Sisters Wilderness for a night without totally destroying himself?

Apparently so. And have a wonderful wonderful time, to boot.

Jack in camp, feeling mighty pleased. 

I found it easier than I expected. Surprisingly so. Already planning my next hike!
Turns out an old bicycling jersey makes a fine
hot-weather hiking shirt. 


  1. Nice pictures. You look all rugged and outdoorsy.

  2. Rugged. Outdoorsy. Yep, that's me, all right.

    In fact, I'm sure that's the first thing people think when they see me. "Wow. Now there's a rugged and outdoorsy man!"

    Men wish they could be me. Women wish their men could be like me.

    On the other hand, if they were to see me creeping along the trail, fretting about deadfalls, peering around farsightedly and muttering to myself, their estimation of my ruggedness and outdoorsiosity would drop precipitously.

  3. Ah, well now -- the fishin'.

    Didn't fish for a couple reasons. First, my side of the lake had an onshore wind, making me unsure if I'd accomplish much in the way of casting; and the other side was occupado. Second, I neglected to take my Mobic before setting out, and by the time I had camp set up, my ankle was pretty painful and kinda seized up. On top of that, I thoughtlessly left my ibuprofen at home. So I had a sort of a gimpy afternoon and evening.

    But there was fish a-jumpin' in the evening and the morning.

    Though the ankle was fine in the morning, I had an appointment back home (Mrs Elliott and I had to get to the Duck Race at 2), and I wanted to take the longer route back, via Wickiup Plain.

    So fishing took a back seat.

    I'm heading out tomorrow to spend a week near Twin Lakes resort and I plan on some kayaking and fishin' then.


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