Wednesday, August 24, 2011

They Said There Would Be Thunderstorms, Updated Photo, Bulletin BKs.

Finally. A decent peal of thunder. I know that for firefighters and property owners in the outback, lightning is a bitch. But I love it. I love dramatic weather. So while others may be watching the skies with trepidation, I welcome the flashing and crashing. I'm weird that way.

Speaking of which, my new profile photo (on the right) is the best so far, dontchathink? Mrs Elliott took that shot last weekend. Do I not look a little unhinged?

It's a good thing.

Oh, BTW, Duncan: I noticed the Bulletin's announcement that they are seeking bankruptcy protection. We know someone whose wife works at the paper and learned about the filing early this morning. I could-a blogged about it but there's little for me to say, so I leave it to you to do what you can to draw attention to this bit of irony. They got caught up in the same go-go real estate bubble that they, by command of their advertiser overlords, helped promote. A paper that lives by the advertisers, dies by the advertisers. Fuck 'em. (Jack pauses, recognizing that the paper employs people he knows, and he doesn't wish for one of them to lose a job. May they come out of this stronger and perhaps a little less willing to sell their souls to the almighty dollah. It's really BofA Jack wants to see buggered with a cactus.)


  1. Well come over and comment, Dude.


  2. I'm in San Francisco so I got word of The Bully going banko a bit late. Astonishing news, though I had a feeling when they built that Taj Mahal on Chandler Drive that they might have been overreaching.

    Although I have no love at all for The Bully, I'm hoping it pulls through. For one thing, as you say, there are good people there and I don't want them to lose their jobs. For another, it would be terrible for a town this size to be without a local daily newspaper.


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