Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hey I Got Rope

I was camping last week at a sweet spot near Twin Lakes Resort. I decided to clean out my rope bag.
Big rope, little rope. Lots of colorful rope!

After some consideration, I decided to get rid of the cheap blue rope with the yellow and red checks. The others I kept.

I like rope.

The weather was variable. This shot was taken on Friday afternoon:

My decorative camping flags were blowing in the onshore breeze. That's a waterproof waxed cotton canvas tarp covering some of my gear in the foreground. Not a body.

I gathered up several sharpened sticks I found in the campsite and leaned them against the tree. Maybe the previous occupants were expecting trouble.

My son joined me on Saturday. He brought his little dog, Peanut.

Jim liked the retro look of this photo.

Here's Jim's Jeep. He's very proud of it.

I have heard that some are satisfied eating beans out of cans when camping. I do not belong to that school.
Shrimp Kabobs. Picture's a little fuzzy, was working under low light. 

Mrs Elliott has started to express interest in going on a camping trip or two . . . I think I can manage another trip. Or two.


  1. Nice photos, especially the first three. I like the bokeh effect you achieved with the ropes. What did you take these with?

  2. iPhone. Used the Instagram app's tilt and shift feature to get the view camera bokeh. Also used the Lo-Mob app for some other vintage looks.


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