Saturday, May 28, 2011

She Loves Me

Mrs Elliott hit the road this morning. She's on her way to San Francisco for a conference and a visit with her kids and grandkids. She'll be gone for over a week.

She gave me a big kiss on the way out.

This afternoon I found a Post-It note on the shower door: I (heart) U, it said. On my pillow is another: I Miss You.

She loves me.


  1. I hope you packed a few notes of your own - for the lovely Mrs. Elliott. Sounds like she deserves one or two.

  2. Aw phooey, Helen. I did not think to slip a note or card into her suitcase. I am sure that when I am on my death bed I will regret the things I could-a done but did not.

    Cute picture, BTW!

  3. Yes, I think she really does love you, inexplicable as that is.

  4. See, Helen, his wife's foot just hit the doormat on the way out of town, and he's already hitting on you. Looking for a little strange? Eh, Jack?

  5. Purely coincidental. Helen changes her picture a lot. If she had replied with that picture to a post about changing the oil pressure switch on my camper I'd have said the same thing.

    Yeah, that's what it is. Honest.

  6. He SAYS he's "going camping." Yeah, whatever.

  7. Heywaitaminnit! I am SO going camping!


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