Friday, May 27, 2011

Ramping up to Camping

I'm starting to get the itch. Mrs Elliott will be out of town for a week. The weather is starting to look decent (decent enough for me, anyway). There will be staff here keeping an eye on the house. So I'm free to go.

This time of year, camping at elevation is not a good idea. What I want is lower elevations and lots of sun. That means away from the forests, where the shade can be deep and cold, and out in the open: the grasslands, BLM open desert, and places like that.

Bruce Miller and Bob "Woody" Woodward have suggested some sites to consider. There are potentially nice campgrounds on the lower John Day river north of Kimberly, there are places along the lower Deschutes north of Maupin, and I hear rumors of nice, primitive (read: secluded and quiet) camping areas in the Maury Mountains.

I'll have to hustle this weekend to finalize some work I've been doing on Mellow Yellow, our 1984 VW poptop camper, but this is a three-day weekend so there is plenty of time. No point in heading out before Monday anyway, as campgrounds are generally full up over three-day weekends, and besides, I have two tickets for The Decemberists's show on Sunday which I hope will have good-enough weather (crosses fingers).

Two tickets and no Mrs Elliott to go to the concert with me. Maybe my son will go with me.

But that's a minor detail. It's camping I'm talking about here. Laid-back camping. A book, some soft tunes on the iPod, some barbecue, a little (or lot) of wine, maybe a bit of photography, some birding . . . and not a lot more.

I'm excited.


  1. "nice, primitive (read: secluded and quiet) camping areas"

    To me the phrase "primitive camping areas" means: "No biffies."

  2. In the photo of The Decemberists in The Bulletin's "GO" magazine, they look like extras from "Portlandia."

  3. Biffie? We don't need no stinking biffies. I brings my own. And it don't stink. The fewer amenities in a camping area, the fewer people to disrupt the tranquility.

  4. "...they look like extras from `Portlandia.'"

    Well whadja expect? They are from Portland. You think they should look like people from Baltimore?

    Shows that the people doing "Portlandia" have been paying attention.


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