Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pretty Much Narrowed it Down

For this camping trip I am aiming for a spot along a river. The three rivers I know of which have nice riverbank camping are the Crooked River, south of Prineville; the north fork of the John Day, NE of Kimberly; and the lower Deschutes, near Maupin.

Thinking about where I want to go, I finished up the work I needed to do on Mellow Yellow, our 1894 VW camper van, this morning. The "low oil pressure" lamp on the dash stopped working sometime back . . . I don't know when, which is kind of stupid considering how quickly a failed oil pump can result in a destroyed engine. So had to remove the cooling tin on the engine's underside to inspect the switch that lights the lamp.

The switch was a goner. Fortunately, O'Reilly Auto Parts on 3rd Street had a generic replacement.

So with the new switch on hand, I installed a second kit I got from Chris Corkins (same guy that made the oil cooler kit I installed last weekend, writeup here) which not only provided a handier place to mount the new switch so I won't need to do so much work to replace it, if it ever fails, but also gives me a spot to mount an oil pressure sender for the new gauges I'll be putting on later this month.

With that done, the van is ready to go. And so am I.

I think I'll head up to Maupin because the sites along the river there are at the lowest elevation. Lower means warmer. Warmer is good. 


  1. I just noticed the statement that you have an "1894 VW camper van." Damn, that thing should be in the Smithsonian!

    Tell us all about your camping experience when you get back.

  2. Aye -- 'tis steam-powered, laddie.

  3. A wood-burner, or one of those newfangled coal-burners?


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