Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jack and Mrs Elliott Take a Vacation

Last week I came across an article online by a family who took a camping trip on Hawaii, the Big Island, by renting a VW camper van. I knew that Mrs Elliott likes places like Hawaii.

I forwarded a link to the article to her, and said, "How about this idea?"

"Perfect," she said. "I know there's no other way I'm going to get you to Hawaii!"

I've been to the islands three times before and frankly, resort life does not appeal. Laying about pools, shopping, being cooped up in a hotel room with nothing to do and in company with someone who likes to watch a lot of TV and who has different viewing tastes thank I ... these things make me loony.

So we contacted Happy Campers, the folk that rent the VW vans, and made our reservation. Mrs Elliott tracked down the good prices for airfare, and we'll be on our way.

She likes to camp, I like being in nature.

I got my little computer with an offline blogging app, my mp3 player, a brand-new Kindle e-book reader -- enough gadgets to keep me happy -- and all I'll need in addition is a small charcoal BBQ and a place to park.

Keep you updated.


  1. I don't understand why anybody has to be "cooped up in a hotel room" in Hawaii. I just don't get it. Why go to Hawaii to sit in a hotel room?

  2. I mean, at least you could've shuffled down to the beach and looked at the girls in bikinis.

  3. Or you could just do like Bruce does and talk about going somewhere. Just sit, cooped up in the comfort of your own room in your own home.

  4. Anon.: I've vacationed in Hawaii many times and am going there again in September. By the following October I will have shaken the dust of Bend from my feet and be living elsewhere. Only one more endless Bend winter to endure -- thank God!

  5. I agree wholeheartedly, THANK GOD!


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