Thursday, April 14, 2011

Facing Facts, Hair Edition

"What are we doing?" asked Jim, as he covered me with the sheet and picked up his clippers.

"Giving up," I said.

When a man has male pattern baldness, his choices of hair styles shrinks yearly, until there's nothing to be done.

"Buzz it."

"You know what we call that?" he said. "Easy money."

Ha ha, I laughed, and it only sounded a little bitter.

Seriously, there's nothing left to do with the hair. Mrs Elliott recently suggested that I let it grow and comb the whispy bits on top back, but that made me look like an old dirt farmer, someone who's musical education stopped at Ernest Tubbs.

In a last-ditch effort to put some life into my coif, she tried adding a few streaks of blond to the sides, which results in some vaguely copper-colored patches, which didn't do much to improve things.

Combover, anyone?

At least really short hair is easy to take care of.  And, hell, I can touch it up myself with the old No. 3 clippers.

1 comment:

  1. You look good with the buzz, Jack, but I think your surrender was premature. Yes, you are fighting a battle that in the end you are doomed to lose, but there is dignity and nobility in struggle. I have far less hair than you, but I'm determined to hang on to the last wisp -- not resorting to combovers, dye jobs, toupees or other disguises, but allowing nature (damn it!) to take its course.


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