Tuesday, March 15, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Irish Stout Pubcrawl -- recalibration

Jon Abernathy at the Brew Site has kindly provided a list of Irish-themed beers happening here in Bend.

I am somewhat disappointed that the BBC isn't doing that lovely dry stout they did last year, but there are interesting bits anyway. I urge my reader to visit Jon's site to learn more about these beers.

As previously mentioned, Abbey Pub has Murphy's on nitro.

Deschutes Brewery isn't doing anything stoutish, just an Irish Red ale. Not clear to me what the attraction is for Irish reds, but maybe I'll learn something.

The BBC will be adding green food coloring to one of their ales. Jeepers, can you be less interesting? Yawn.

Silver Moon is also doing an Irish Red.

As mentioned in my last post, McMenamin's will have their Irish stout, and some other stout with raspberries in it. I'll taste it -- someone has to hurl himself atop the grenade -- but I don't think that dessert and beer make a good mix. I could be wrong.

10 Barrel. Another damn Irish Red. Sigh. Gotta give it a chance. Another pint in the service of research.

Boneyard has a 15% ABV Russian Stout. F#@k me running. 15%?

Three Creeks (Sisters) has a dry Irish stout and Velvet will be pouring. I'll be there.

Finally, Blacksmith will have Moylan's Dragoon dry Irish on tap, along with some doubtlessly sweet espresso stout.

Jack will man up and try these beers for his reader. Someone has to do it. On that day, follow my blog at socal2bend.blogspot.com, or, to see what a more perceptive fellow has to say, read Bruce Miller's blog at bendsux.blogspot.com.

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