Tuesday, March 15, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Irish Stout Pubcrawl -- initial planning

Mrs Elliott has been told not to wait up for me. 

Like last year, Jack will be out sampling the Irish ("dry") stouts at our local brewpubs.

I don't know yet who will be serving what, but I do have a request in with the Brew Site's Jon Abernathy to obtain a full list of what breweries plan to feature their takes on the classic Irish stout. Once I have that, I will begin my plan.

BBC, Deschutes, McMeninamins, possibly 10 Barrel will be on the list. No telling, Boneyard might make a run at it but I'm not confident of their devotion to classic beer styles.

Last year, Tonya Cornett's dry stout was the standout winner, IMO, because it most closely resembled a simple dry stout.

Most breweries here seem to think that adding molasses, chocolate, coffee or other flavorings to stout "improves" it. McMenamin's, for example, has their dry stout on nitro right now, but I'm told that they also have a raspberry-flavored stout. (Really? Can I have a dress with my pint?)

Of course, one needs to touch base with the closest to the real thing that we can get without flying to the Emerald Isle: either Guinness or Murphy's on draft. Guinness is pretty easy to come by -- the Decoy (erm, Bond Street Bistro) and Blacksmith both have those, I think. Abbey Pub on College has Murphy's on nitro right now, probably will on Thu, too.

I might want to start at the Abbey Pub, then swing down to 10 Barrel, if they have anything, then downtown for the remains of the day (a lovely book, BTW).

Then there are the pipes and drums. Bend's Fire Department will be making their second foray out into the streets of Bend. Aye, a little piping goes a long way, but the skirling of the pipes, the wrong notes spraying about like buckshot, and the sight of frightened wogs and women does stir my Hibernian blood, diluted tho' it may be.

I'm cabbing it the whole way. Mrs Elliott told me in no uncertain terms that if I get arrested for a DUII she's sending my son to bail me out and is that something I want my son to see?

No ma'am. Message received.

Bruce Miller has volunteered to pub crawl with me. He knows his onions when it comes to Irish whiskey (Jack can drink no brown spirits, Bruce can drink no ale). Those who wish to follow our journey, live, can tune in either here, at socal2bend.blogspot.com, or on Bruce's blog, at  http://bendsux.blogspot.com. We will be posting along the route.

Stay tuned.


  1. TIP: Never put onions in your Irish whiskey. Or your Scotch either, as far as that goes.


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