Monday, March 21, 2011

Bird Feeder, Pt. 2: Mrs Elliott has her doubts

I posted about our new bird feeder a few days ago.

Mrs Elliott wonders whether it will work.

Due to the anti-squirrel screen around it, she calls is a "bird cage."

"How can birds get in?" she wants to know.

I explain that under its feathers, a bird is in actuality a tiny thing and would have no trouble getting through the openings in the screen.

She remains uncertain.

"What if they eat so much they get fat and can't get out?"

A woman, who is so much smarter than I in so many ways, baffled by birds.


  1. Have you ever seen an obese bird trapped inside a bird feeder? A piteous sight.

  2. As frequently as I see cat skeletons in trees. Fluffy's stuck in the tree! Quick, call the fire department!

  3. We've tried a similar feeder with the cage look and had no success. Our current feeder, which has 3 tubes, the curved top and similar base, but no cage, has been a huge success for several years now. We also have a pulley system (thanks to an ME friend who wisely suggested it after seeing me going up on my ladder) and have the feeder far enough out from the other branches & trunk that no furry creatures have ever landed on it. Oh they come around it and look longingly, tails a twitching, but never beyond that. Keep us posted. John

  4. I have a tube feeder with a cage thing around it and it's very popular with the birds -- and unpopular with the squirrels. I don't think the cage is the problem ... if there is a problem.


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