Friday, February 25, 2011

Overnight Lows in the Low 50s

Mrs Elliott and I have taken to sleeping with the window a little bit open this winter.

Last fall she came home with a down-filled duvet cover insert.

"We'll use this in winter," she said.

So when the temperatures took a turn toward the freezing point on a consistent basis, we pulled out the lightweight polyester insert and reloaded the cover with the new down insert. The polyester insert is now somewhere in the linens closet with its frighteningly overpacked shelves bulging with towels and sheet sets.

The new insert has totally changed how we sleep. We are no longer sealing the sliding glass door at night, but leaving it open a bit. As the season progressed we learned that we slept well with the room just under 60 degrees. And as the weather has cooled more, we've adjusted the opening in the sliding glass door for even lower temperature.

Under that snuggly cover, we've never felt the least cold. In fact, sleeping in the cold has made me feel this season's cold far less. It doesn't feel cold when I get up to pee in the middle of the night.

Even Mrs Elliott seems to be less sensitive to the cold. Yesterday afternoon she walked from her car to a store wearing only a light sweater. It was snowing and around 30.

"It doesn't feel cold," she said.

Last year she would have put on an expedition jacket when the temperature dropped below 40.

Left the window open about a finger's width last night. This morning the room was at 51. And it felt fine.

Maybe having one's face exposed to colder air at night reduces one's sensitivity to cold. Maybe not, could be my imagination. But it feels good and seems to contribute to better sleep.

That's good enough for me.

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