Tuesday, January 4, 2011


A chimp in a yukata taking a picture of a bikini model.
Here's a photo from the early '60s which needs a whole lot of explaining.

What we see here is a chimp in a yukata taking a picture of, we are told, a bikini model.

Why is he dressed like that? At the time, smoking jackets were considered the height of savoir-faire for your available straight bachelor playing the field, so maybe this little guy was some kind of suave man-about-town (like Jack). But human women? If so, that's one seriously twisted chimp.

And what possible interest could a chimpanzee have in photography? Sure his little hands are dexterous, but can he focus? Press the shutter release? And what would a chimp do with such a photo?

So many questions.


  1. There appear to be at least two bikini models. Also, the chimp does not appear to even be pointing at the models, but at something below. Or it could be the knee or the foot of the model on his (the chimp's) right. In that case one might surmise that the chimp is a "leg man" (or "leg chimp") and/or a foot fetishist.

    This photo is an enigma that probably never will be fully explicated.

  2. One thing is clear: all social events are better if there's a chimp in a yukata wandering around with a camera.

  3. Yes, I make sure to always invite one or two.


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