Thursday, November 4, 2010

To the Tea Partiers

And a special message for the "loose confederation" of "non-affiliated" tea party types:
When you see Republican leaders in the House fucking up and doing the very things you crapped your costume pantaloons over---and they will---you must stay true to your "party-neutral" mission and declare war on them the same way you declared war on those nasty Democrats.  Because don't forget: by your own admission you're not Republican...or Democrat...or anything "organized."  You say so yourself every five minutes. So when Republicans start pumping out juicy slabs of pork to their districts willy nilly, and add to the deficit, and raise the debt ceiling, and ignore your agenda and, yes, when THEY START TREADING ON must hold rallies against them and call them what you called Democrats: tyrants and traitors and Hitlers and Maos and Stalins who want to drop-kick your grandma onto an ice floe (if you can find one these days).
And if you don't judge the New Improved House by the same standards you judged the Old Tyrannical House, then you wallowers-in-hypocrisy will have two options: either drop the charade and start calling yourselves plain old (and getting older by the day) lockstep Republicans again...or shut the hell up.
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I am SO looking forward to seeing which way those idiots flop.


  1. Well, I take offense at the term idiots. Seriously.

    I started thinking of becoming a "Tea party patriot" when the jackwipes from the last administration rushed through the emergency spending bill that we just HAD to have or our entire system would collapse. Unfortunately, I had to rethink my original thinking when the new administration started because the Republicans SWIPED MY PARTY and decided that it was secretly an anti-Dem movement. Bastards. It's MY party and it originally meant I'm sick of all you people spending money you don't have, helping your buddies and shafting me without benefit of a reach around.

    So, for the record I'm offended because there are some good people who stand under the Tea Party banner (think Rand Paul), but you're right... many Republicans just jumped on a new train and derailed it.


  2. We'll just have to wait and see whether the term "idiots" is a fitting one or not.

  3. PS, "[...] without a reach around" -- that's funny.

  4. It's actually funnier if you know I'm a chick. ;)

  5. The Republican Party brand was so tarnished by the Bush-Cheney administration that the only hope was to re-brand it under a different name. That name was "Tea Party."

    Don't be fooled by cheap Astroturf imitations.

  6. I think that was anonymous's point: that by wrapping themselves in the Gadsden flag of the Tea Party, the Republicans co-opted a budding movement before it had a chance to develop autonomy. Given the nuttiness of many of the more vocal Tea Partiers, I'm sure the movement would have gone nowhere, just like the Green Party on the left. A minority party with no chance of influencing polity.

    This disappoints me greatly because I am sick and tired of this "two party" system of entrenched, corrupt government hacks and Mandarins

    The Tea Party wanted a revolution, they're getting the new boss, same as the old boss. Their vision of how this country would look after a Tea Party revolution is not one I embrace, looking no more attractive to me than my vision of a participatory socialist America might appear to them.

    Fundamentally, though, we many of us don't like how things have worked out, and because of the sheer purchasing power of the wealthy and the corporations, will never be given the opportunity to do anything about it.

    That's the ultimate failing of the system. IMHO, of course.

  7. Jack, you're spot on.

    And sadly, probably right... as a "revolutionary party" it would have done little except give me and like-minded people a chance to vent. We just want the "powers that be" to stop fighting and start governing - just a little at least.

    BlackDog, you're going to throw something at me, but yours is one of the mindsets that I truly believe is ruining our nation. You're so busy bashing the "other guys" that you don't realize or simply cannot expand your thinking enough to accept that there are Republicans who hate the things that are happening just as much as you. That there are those who disagree with the last administration, yet still aren't Democrats.

    Remember the 60's... when "the people" banded together and politicians thought "holy sh*t, we've got a revolution on our hands". They learned then that if they can keep us divided - keep us at each others' throats - we can never rise up together and demand change. We're effectively hobbled.

    ;) Don't get me started on the commercial with the Chinese Professor ....

  8. Another thought: now that the election cycle is over, entities like the Koch brothers, et al, who were funding right wing faux-grassroots events will have shifted their attention away from pot-stirring and rumor-mongering to demanding quid pro quo from the politicians their hidden Citizens United funds helped elect.

    So even though the Republicans are very, very unlikely to do much to effectively address the issues that got the Tea Partiers out protesting so loudly, the "real" Tea Partiers, i.e., those that genuinely believe in the movement, will find that most of the people who were out supporting them are no longer around to be seen.

    Without the propaganda and reach provided by big bucks, 95% percent of the Tea Party movement will show itself to be just a bunch of irritated old white guys who bought into a storyline crafted to improve the odds of bringing to power the political party which historically has shown itself to support the rich --- middle-class and poor America be damned.

    I predict a sudden silence from the Tea Partiers. They have fulfilled their purpose and are no longer needed. Until 2012.


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