Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jack Mans Up

Mrs Elliott brought over a klatsch of her ladyfriends yesterday. Before you knew it, there were four sewing machines chattering away. You see, we were all making [GIFT ITEMS].

Yes, all of us.

For in a moment of fondness for my wife, I agreed last week to join in and make one of these [GIFT ITEMS] as a Xmas gift for [SOMEONE I KNOW].

(The gift is meant to be a surprise and there's no telling who reads this blog, so I must be circumspect about the details.)

I put on my man pants, and joined in. Thar I wuz: cutting, ironing, basting and hemming with the rest.

I used my trusty Regent "Super Deluxe" tailor-type sewing machine; no fancy computer controlled lady's appliance with 57 stitch variations, not for me. No sir, mine's a man's machine: simple, clean, strong enough to sew canvas, and boasting two (2) stitches: forward and backward. It did a job every bit as nice as their fancy $1,000 Husqvurna/Vikings and Berninas.

It was pleasant work, fun, even. In a Da Vinci Code-esque move, I embedded the first few numbers of the Fibonacci series in the design, a nerdy detail which [RECIPIENT] will enjoy knowing.

Despite not having sewn anything since school (where she received a "D" on her assignment to sew a gym bag), Mrs Elliott's [GIFT ITEM] is looking great. She did break two needles, though. Woman needs supervision.

The "sound track" was somewhat reminiscent of the song, "Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little" in The Music Man.

"Who wants tea?" Mrs Elliott sang out at one point. The women responded with enthusiasm.

How about who wants a beer? I thought. Alcohol combines well with motor-driven needles.

There wasn't enough time to finish our projects, and we ran out of thread, too. But when completed, the [ITEM] will look quite handsome and I know [RECIPIENT] will love it. So it was well worth it.


  1. At the risk of inflating an ego beyond human proportion .... you write beautifully! I never tire of reading your posts ~ funny and sad.

  2. Why thank you, Helen! It's nice hearing from you.


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