Friday, September 3, 2010

Won't be Here for the Great Rotary Duck Race

No, it's not anatidaephobia, the fear that you are being watched by a duck, which will keep us from watching The 21st Annual Great Rotary Duck Race (sponsored by Mid Oregon Credit Union).

We bought ducks already, and we'd watch the race for sure if we were going to be in town. But we'll be on a vacation, driving up the coast to Astoria.

Why Astoria?


Mrs Elliott likes to tell a story. It seems that gypsum, the white stuff used in drywall, is mined out in the Mojave desert, and whenever she and one of her many former husbands (she's buried so many) drove past the area, he'd point out this fact. "Over there is where they mine gypsum," he'd say.

He'd say that every time, apparently.

Being bored out of her gourd as any sane person would be after a few hours of driving across the damn sunblasted Mojave desert with its stunted, burned-looking plants and stunted, burned-looking settlements, she found pleasure in toying with him.

She'd ask, "What's gypsum?"

Unaware that he'd had this conversation before, he'd step right into the trap and  launch into a discourse about the mining and use of gypsum.

Sitting in the passenger seat, she'd silently giggle. (Women toy with men the way cats toy with mice, amirightmen?)

I bring this up because Astoria is Mrs Elliott's gypsum mine.

Whenever she mentions Astoria, she likes to say that The Goonies was filmed there. She went there many years ago when her younger son was a kid. And she wants to go again.

I don't mind, it's a camping trip and an opportunity to see a part of Oregon I've not seen before. Astoria seems as good a destination as any.

And besides -- The Goonies was filmed there.


  1. Have fun in Astoria -- hope the weather is halfway decent.

    Unfortunately you missed the big Goonies 25th Anniversary Celebration in Astoria in June.

  2. I love the Goonies !!!! Auntie Kris and Uncle Bob lived in Astoria while they were filming it! -Malia


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