Friday, September 17, 2010

Massive New Mailbox

Our street is a busy one, with a lot of foot and automobile traffic to and from COCC. Mailboxes do not thrive here. There have been quite a number of mailboxes fallen in the line of duty to "mailbox baseball," and we've had mail pilfered from our box on more than one occasion. Once, a whole slew of vendor checks were stolen, and my vendors were understandably upset that they didn't get paid. I had to replace all of them.

The charities that Mrs Elliott works with are often hand-to-mouth operations, and having a proceeds check stolen would not be good for their meager cash flow.

So today we had a USPS-approved locking mailbox installed. The thing is large -- so large, in fact, that one could post two small children at a time ... if doing so were legal and the post office supplied suitable delivery boxes with air holes, etc.

The box is also sturdy. Anyone wanting to play mailbox baseball with this thing had better have some strong wrists.

A proper mailbox

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