Saturday, September 18, 2010

KOHD News to Return; KTVZ's Children of the Corn

Children of the Corn
Village of the Damned
I dunno if KTVZ's NewsChannel 21 has anything to fear from this, but KOHD is re-starting their 6pm and 11pm TV news shows after being off the year for . . . what? nearly two years now?

Mrs Elliott and I always enjoyed KOHD news, Bend's high school TV news broadcast.

The kids were always so earnest.

But when KOHD dropped their evening news, we resignedly switched over to KTVZ's Children of the Corn Village of the Damned News. We find the appearance of the in-studio "talent" to be very unsettling. With the brights turned up to bleach out their teeth and the whites of their eyes, they present a positively eerie look. Those women must be wearing a pound of makeup apiece. Their hair is so . . . smooth.

The overall effect is something not really human, more like fembots.

The big networks manage to make the likes of Katie Couric and (my personal hero) Christiane Amanpour look like real people. (Barbara Walters, now, that's a different story. The soft focus gets softer each year. I expect that in a year or two she will be a voice emanating from a cloud of steam.)

I reckon that KTVZ could cut it out if they wanted to and make their talent look real, too. But someone there apparently thinks it looks just swell, so I suppose that if I don't like it, I should start my own news show.

But at least we can switch back to KOHD now.

NewsChannel 21's Mackenzie Wilson
Of all the NewsChannel 21's team, it's Mackenzie Wilson that I get the biggest kick out of. I swear, the girl looks like she's about 16. Every time she comes on I wonder whether she had to get permission from her parents to stay out late. But at least she looks like she has human skin, and not some advanced polymer.


  1. Funny, funny, funny ... I can't catch my breath!

  2. Get used to the KEZI-Eugene talent bc that's who will be giving you the "KOHD news" in Bend. Kind of like how KOIN Portland was KBNZ news with one local Bend story. Saves money while they can sell local advertising

  3. KEZI? Are you kidding??? I'm still stuck with the plasticized KTVZ crew if I want to buy my news local?


  4. Jack, they all look just like that in person. Believe me, I've met them.

  5. "Village of the Damned", children of, actually. But I suppose you knew that and were just taking some artistic license. ;-)

  6. Village of the Damned? You're right. I /knew/ there was some movie about creepy blond children with glowing eyes that scared the heck out of me when I was a kid. The moose lodge had a auxiliary called "Women of the Moose," but I knew it couldn't have been them.


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