Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Hump Day, and See Ya on the Flipside!

With a copy of Eric Tollander's Back Roads of Oregon and a detailed Oregon road map in hand,  Mrs Elliott and I will be departing tomorrow on our trip to the coast and up to Astoria.

Earlier this year:

"We didn't get to have a fun summer last year," said Mrs Elliott, referring to the 2009 Summer of Healing when I was convalescing from my ankle surgery. Housebound we were.

So this spring, we blocked out time on the calender for camping and exploring trips.

And we're sticking to our plans, by gum, even if the weather is a bit damper and cooler than we hoped for. We'll camp if the opportunity and conditions are good, we'll find drier warmer lodging if they aren't.

Either way, it looks to be scenic.

Mrs Elliott wants to explore all the towns, all the gift shops, while I hope to have a sufficiently leisurely trip that I have time to look at more than asphalt.

And there's a Ducks game on Saturday. Need to get docked before the game starts.

We've been reaching out for suggestions for restaurants and places to overnight. I heard from one fellow that a certain winery on the coast doesn't mind if folk overnight in their parking lot in VW Vanagon camper vans. But we're not likely to need that. And Jack got a recommendation today for the Cannery Pier Hotel where one can "[e]xperience the majesty of the mighty Columbia River from the comfort of your hotel room."

Which sounds pretty nice.

We were told that there is an inviting RV park on a jetty there, but the sea lions will keep one up all night with their bellowing and general hubbub.

However it goes, it should be memorable.

So see ya all next week!

While we're out of town, Mrs Elliott's elves will be running the business out of the house/shop, and she'll need to check in frequently. I might be able to post an update from the road.


  1. Have fun ... and visit us in Corvallis. You would like our downtown.

  2. "And we're sticking to our plans, by gum, even if the weather is a bit damper and cooler than we hoped for."

    What's this? Jack "Bend Is Paradise" Elliott griping about the weather? Is reality finally dawning on him?

    Have fun in Astoria. I hope you and Mrs. Elliott are dressed more warmly than the couple in that photo.

  3. Dateline Newport, Oregon (UPI): Weather's fine. Damp, though -- that coastal wet blanket of humidity that makes me feel sticky. But it was Mrs Elliott who was fretting about the weather not being warm and sunny. Like some here, she judges any weather not warm and sunny as being beneath contempt -- a narrow range of comfort. I would enjoy blustery rain and wind.

  4. "I would enjoy blustery rain and wind."

    Well, the Oregon coast is the right place to go for it.

    You're weird, Elliott.

  5. CAPE KIWANDA, OREGON, a view of Haystack Rock across the beach sands, September 11, 2010 (Reuters) -- Yesterday was sunny and warm. Today promises to be the same. The coast is beautiful. The some of the Oregon coastal towns remind me of SoCal coastal towns: a bit gritty, colors pale and washed out, while are more Big Sur-ish, or NorCal coastal in vibe. The state campgrounds and the iconic hotels, inns, and beds and breakfasts are booked for the weekend, even for this week-after-Labor-Day weekend. Here in Pacific City we found very acceptable lodging at the Inn here, fine food at the Pelican Pub and Brewery, and very friendly people. Jack is having a cup of green tea then needs to go work on Mellow Yellow which is exhibiting puzzling behavior in the electrical department.

    Until later, kids.


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