Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Events Around Town

Attention Music Festival Aficianados! 4 Peaks Music Festival is just four (4) four! days away. Mark yer calenders and get yer tickets now. The festival is on private property, just outside of Tumalo.

UPDATE: The event has been moved to the Domino Room, see "4 Peaks Jamboree Hits Permit Problems: Will now be at the Domino Room" for details.

Lineup includes: Poor Man’s Whiskey, Handful of Luvin’, Ten Mile Tide, Jay Seals Acoustic (of Blue Turtle Seduction), and Wild Rye.

Jack and Mrs Elliott plan to be there. It is an event not to be missed. Bring chairs. There will be food and beverages.

Anyone looking for a slight discount on Clint Black general admission tickets? Jack knows someone flogging a pair. Avoid TicketMill's handling fees. Leave a comment, below.

The Bend Brewfest is back, but and alas, we will be camping in the Deschutes National Forest that weekend. Planning to check out some of the dispersed campsites around Wickiup reservoir. Jack will bring his own cold brews and fester in the forest. August 20.


  1. And don't forget the Dufur Threshing Bee, happening this weekend in historic and scenic Dufur!

  2. Holy crap, blackdog is right (this time)!

    Stay at the historic Balch Hotel in Dufur. "The Sunniest Wedding Spot in the Gorge."

    Dufur has 300 days of sun.

    The Threshing Bee itself is world-famous. I'm told that people even in such far-flung places like Paris, Cairo, Hong Kong, and Johannesburg await the outcome of the Bee with bated breath (thought I'd say "baited," didn't you?).

    According to the city's website, "Visitors can see horse-drawn antique harvesting equipment being used in the fields. This is the only threshing event in the country that uses horse-drawn machinery, and demonstrates every step of the process from cutting standing wheat to sewing up bags for shipping."

    A man would have to be an idiot to pass up an event like that.

    And fans of old timey music will appreciate live Bluegrass music once a month at the Dufur Grange Hall.

  3. "And fans of old timey music will appreciate live Bluegrass music once a month at the Dufur Grange Hall."

    The other days of the month they will not appreciate the relentless plunking, twanging, and fiddling.

    Make it stop. MAKE IT STOP.

  4. Don't know about that new mugshot, Jack ...

  5. Heads up: 4 Peaks isn't happening on that Tumalo property, or anywhere outside. The show is moving to the Domino Room. Doors at 6 p.m., music at 7 p.m. Tickets now $20 instead of $25. PMW, Handful, Seals and Wild Rye will play. Ten Mile Tide and The Mostest will not. Thought you'd like to know...

  6. Ben -- many thanks.

    Mike Bookey posted about this on The Source Weekly's website just a couple hours ago.

    I can hardly wait to talk to Stacy to get the 411 on this last-minute change-a-roo.

  7. "Ben -- many thanks.

    Mike Bookey posted about this on The Source Weekly's website just a couple hours ago."

    Makes it sound like I'm trying to day that Bookey scooped you. Not at all my intention: I clicked "publish" before I should have. What I meant was THANKS for sending me the update, I caught the info from Bookey, and more importantly: thanks for reading my dumb blog.

  8. Oh, no problem, Jack. I didn't take it that way. Besides, I'm fine being scooped by Mike. He's good people.

    Truth is, I had a blog post ready to go about the change (which I learned about on Tuesday). Just before publishing (on Wednesday morning), I thought I'd better check with them to make sure the Domino Room was a go, but they were still trying to make something else work. So I held off.

    So, anyway, the story -- at least 4 Peaks' side of it -- is the same old, same old: Neighbors were already complaining to the county (this is at the new site nearer to Sisters, not the Tumalo site from 2007/08 where neighbors also complained), and the county called the property owner, who got spooked and decided they couldn't have it there. Running out of time and options, they moved to the Domino Room.

    I'm sure Stacy can colorfully fill in the details...

  9. "You should talk."

    I think my mugshot is very handsome. Look at that beautiful blond hair, those white teeth.

    I liked your "serial killer" mugshot better.

  10. "I liked your "serial killer" mugshot better."

    There's more to Jack than just sociopathy! The old picture didn't fully capture my savoir-faire, my urbane man-about-town quality.

    Your mugshot puts me in mind of Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard.

    You might consider breaking out the Kodak from the root cellar, dusting it off, and taking a fresh tintype of your lined and sunken face.

    Unless you have a portrait of you in the attic that's not looking so good these days.

  11. Well, Jack, 4 Peaks applied for and received a permit to hold their festival at its original location near Tumalo, as of about 5 p.m. today. Details:


  12. "Your mugshot puts me in mind of Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard."

    She wasn't blond.

    Neither was I, come to think of it.


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