Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What's With All The Yellow Pages?

Dex? Yellowbook? There was another one we were puzzling over a couple weeks ago, I forget the name. It was larger than Dex and Yellowbook, but seemed to have the same display ads. That one went into Mrs Elliott's office because the kitchen drawer where we keep our telephone directory (along with paper bags, owner's manuals, paint chips, cleaning rags, and other puzzling, useless, but somehow important stuff) is pretty full.

And do we need a telephone directory, after all? Maybe, I argue, the ads are helpful when trying to find a store or contractor or something. The Internets are less-helpful, it seems.

So now upstairs we have this Dex and this Yellowpages cluttering the kitchen counter. We have discussed the matter a couple times already. I'm tempted to just toss one.

Nothing good can come of this.

IN OTHER NEWS, Isabelle Senger (see my previous post) dropped me a note to let me know that she didn't think I was rude when I didn't recognize her at Albertson's. She saw it as an out-of-context meeting, and suggested that if she'd been wearing concert attire (black dress, heels) and had been clutching a violin, I would have recognized her. And she's right. And I would have sucked up because I just do that when I meet talented people.

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