Friday, July 2, 2010

MOsely WOtta wins, Mrs Elliott and Jack must see

Mrs Elliott and I caught only a part of Mosely Wotta's set at last year's Bend Roots Festival, and while it sounded pretty exceptional, it was but just part of the general excitement and noise of the fest.

And he and his band were setting up to play at the Human Dignity pride celebration at McKay Park last month, but I didn't hang around long enough to hear them.

Ben Salmon writes, "It’s hard for me to imagine living in Bend over the past few years and not being familiar with Mosley Wotta (real name: Jason Graham), given the sheer number and breadth of his endeavors. He teaches, he paints, he hosts events, he wins poetry slams, he works with kids. And, of course, he raps."

This morning we heard that he won Last Band Standing.

Okay, okay -- we have to see him in a "real" venue as soon as possible.

Anyone know their schedule?

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  1. You up for a road trip? They're playing July 18 at the Doug Fir in Portland with Larry and His Flask (another local must-see), Vacant Fever (featuring former Bendite Dan Miller), and another group I don't know called Just People. Plus, if you've never been to the Doug Fir, it's worth going (and having the meatloaf before the show).


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